A Little About Me

      I started learning painting and drawing at the age of 11. By the time I reached college age, I was accepted into an art school, but ended up studying in the United States instead, and didn’t continue pursuing painting. After graduation, I became a product designer. However, over time, I realized that I still loved painting the most. A few years after moving to the United States, I picked up the brush again, painting sporadically. So, I consider myself a self-taught artist.

   My paintings don’t have a fixed style or theme; I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and exploring different styles. I still haven’t found a style or direction that I completely love. However, I’ve always had peculiar dreams since childhood—dreams of being underwater, going to outer space, experiencing the end of the world, and navigating underground mazes. In those dreams, I always had a unique feeling—not happy, not sad, but a sensation that only exists in the dream world, captivating me. Only once, while cliff diving in Mexico, did I momentarily blur the lines between reality and dream. Since then, I’ve been striving to capture the feeling of those dreams in my artwork.

     Moreover, I hope my paintings will remain intact even after a hundred years, so I paint on surfaces designed for preservation, using the artist grade paints. 


我从小就喜欢随意涂鸦,从11岁才稍微正式的学习绘画. 等到上大学的年纪就被美术专业录取了,不过阴差阳错,我19岁去了美国学习,就没有继续学习绘画。毕业后做了产品设计师。但是随之时间的推移,我发现我还是最爱画画。我去美国之后没几年又开始拾起了画笔,时有时无的作画,所以我认为自己是一名自学的画家。





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